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October 20, 2018

How To Make $100 Online Per Day As A Freelancer With No Special Skills

Hey! Is it not cool to make $100 Online Per day just doing what you know how to do? Sure, this post will give you that simple guide you need to make cool money online.

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Yeah! You can make $100 per day just being yourself. You don't have to do what you can't do — your active potential is all need for this project. So our approach for making $100 per day will be via freelancing.

Talking of freelancing, I mean selling of ideas and services to employers without long-term contract. Most often, freelance contract is a matter of days. It is so cool! You don't have to be bossed around.

Also, most people often downgrade themselves with the word "I can't do it". Believe me you can. If you dig down deep into freelance, you will actually find jobs relating to several activities you do just fun or as an hobby. Why not monetize your hobbies? So today, I will be showing you there websites to earn $100 per day as a freelancer with no special skills.

#1. Upwork

Due to the popularity of upwork, majority of us reading this post might have heard of it one way or another. Despite this fact, we still end up not utilizing such a great platform so I encourage you to take action after reading this article.

Actually the popularity of upwork was as a result of the coming together of two popular online freelance platforms — Elance and oDesk. The concept of the formed platform is very simple (even for lazy ones) — Hire and Work. You can either work or hire others to work for you on the platform.
So why not utilizing those precious time being wasted on upwork. You have several job opportunities there ranging from novice to expert. What I mean in a simple term is that you can earn more depending on what you are capable of doing such as social media management, graphic design, web development, writing etc. Also, there are two job opportunities I personally like here — Virtual assistant and blog commenting. They are both cool and interesting jobs even you can do it with no special skills than that you've gotten.

With upwork, you can set up your hourly pay and number of hours you can work. The most significant feature of upwork is bidding. You can bid for jobs, here your employers look through everyone bidding for that job and hire someone based on their specifications.

Another feature of upwork is its dynamic profile. Yeah! You can set up your skills — what you are capable of doing. Also the About Me page is quite outstanding. Do you know what? Most people always have issues with the about me page. The page is one of the determining factor to earning jobs on upwork. So you must make it a convincing one.

#2. Freelancer

Another website that can maximize your earnings up to $100 online per day is freelancer. Yeah! Upwork and Freelancer are like two brothers exhibiting similar characteristics. Freelancer keen to the keyword "project". You can hire others to complete your project or help others to do theirs in return for money. Sure, Money! The post is about you earning $100 daily so can actually bring that dream into reality.

The features are very similar to upwork, you bid for projects. I remember bidding for a power point presentation for $200. I was like "cool it was my hobby". I'm very sure I can't spend up to a day in order to get the job done. Now come to think of it, $200 in 1-2 days is kind of a cool.

Freelancer is actually okay — why not get started right away.

#3. People Per Hour

Another website that can bring our dream to reality is PeoplePerHour. PPH is quite synonymous to Upwork and Freelancer. You make money selling your freelance services or
Outsource your work to willing freelancers around the world.

People Per Hour is a cool platform to start with, you have two options — either you buy or sell services. As a seller, you create your “hourlie“, add your details and submit to the marketplace. It is just like any freelance web sites. You can also submit proposals.

Final Thoughts 

Making $100 per day via freelancing is quite relative. So I can't guarantee you making $100 per day until you try it out.
Also, you don't have to beg for jobs on your about me page, it makes you look like a loser — just be realistic, you are dealing with humans not bots.
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