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October 10, 2018

How To Earn Money Online With Airdrops: All You Need To Know About The Crypto Free Money

There are several ways of obtaining cryptocurrency but getting it free through Airdrops is my best method. Airdrops are new cryptocurrencies that are distributed to everybody for free. It is a procedure of distributing new tokens/coins by awarding them in a certain proportion to existing holders of a particular blockchain currency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum etc. That is why this method of coin/token distribution is called airdrops signifying ‘free droppings’.

More so, The founders of the cryptocurrency might also be giving away a little amount of their Token for other reasons such as, to make a kind of a minimized publicity for their currency, distribution, marketing and decentralization.

Once you get the token, you earn real life money by selling the received token via Airdrop! It can sometimes be only a few cents, but it can also be worth 10$ or more !

Without any further ado, this guide will be to the fullest of how to go about with Ethereum Tokens airdrops (90% of airdrops). Also, there are airdrops for Waves and other minimal wallets.

Requirements For Ethereum Token Airdrops

— Ethereum Wallets
— Twitter
— Facebook
— Telegram
— Medium
— BitcoinTalk (optional)
— EtherDelta (later)

Setting Up The Airdrops Requirements

Setting up the tools might be little bit stressful at start, but once you have everything ready, you can do dozens of airdrops every week.

1. Ethereum Wallets Address
To get an Er20 Wallet address, you can download imtoken app on playstore and create new wallet or go to MyEtherWallet website.
The generated Ethereum address will be use to receive your airdrops. Create your address and keep you private key in a safe place (Never ever share your private key to someone). 

2. Twitter Account
For the airdrops, you will also need a Twitter account. Go to Twitter and search for accounts who are regulary sharing some airdrops and follow them to get noticed when new airdrops are avaible :

@ Coinairdrop
@ Airdropalertcom
@ GwenSarah1
@ Rourouuu13
@ Winbitcoinsnow
@ Coin_coincoin
Also, the airdrops will often ask you to follow their Twitter account and to retweet one of their tweet.

3. BitcoinTalk Account --
Having a BitcoinTalk account will give you an edge to take part in more airdrops. It's the biggest forum about Bitcoin and crypto-currencies with a lot of informations and opportunities on this website.

4. Scan To See Your Balance :
To check the balance of your Ethereum account, chat with ETH Token Explorer on telegram or go to EtherScan. You can see how much you got in Ethereum and the other Tokens you have on this address.
You just have to enter you Ethereum adress in the search bar in the top right of the website.
If you receive new tokens, you will se a little button with "View Tokens" on the write side. Click on it to see them.

Once you receive your Tokens and you can see them on EtherScan, click on the Token you want to send to see the informations of the Token.

5. Sell Your Airdrops on EtherDelta or Binance:
Create an EtherDelta account to sell the airdrops at or download binance exchange app.
If you would like to sell your airdrops, they are often avaible for trading at first on EtherDelta.
EtherDelta is a decentralized exchange, that means you will not need to register in here. You address and private key will be given to you directly, save them or write them down somewhere.

— Create a new e-mail address for Airdrops or use one where you have nothing important on it.

— Always keep all your informations on a paper : Username, Ethereum address ID, Private key.
— Never give your private key to somebody (Some Airdrops ask for private key : they are scams)
— Airdrop is always free. You should not pay for it
— You will also need a little amount (minimum 0.001 Ethereum) for transaction fees if you want to withdraw from your wallet.

In conclusion, I will be updating you guys on any latest airdrop on this blog. So to recieve fast updates, kindly subscribe to our mailing list. You can also join GnG Airdrops Alert  Channel on Telegram for quicker updates.

Any Question, kindly comment below.