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February 1, 2018

How To Run Python Program On Android

If you ever felt like running python on Android, I'm glad to inform you that by the time you've finished reading this post it will be reality. Then, in terms of running python on android we are going employ an android app created by the python community - Qpython (Python on Android).

QPython works like your normal Python software on your computers which include its scripting ability to get your job done as a native application. QPython is a script engine which runs python on Android. Also, It is well integrated with a complete development kit which helps to develop python programs within the mobile perhaps Android platform. Qpython is powerful, extendable, portable and versatile so what else do you want?

Features of QPython - Python for Android

  • Terminal
  • Editor
  • Explorer
  • QPy App
  • Course
  • Library
  • Community

How To Install Qpython - Python for Android

QPython is developed corresponding to the normal Python versions. It is of two versions: QPython (version 2) and QPython3 (version 3). To install Python (either QPython or Python for computers), you must first know the type of Python you want to learn whether 2 or 3.

    >> After you have successfully installed the QPython App, tap the icon and open it. You will find something like the image below
    Python 2.7 for Android, QPython Android

    >> Tap on Terminal tab to open an interactive interface perhaps shell. So you can play around with your simple programs
    Python 3 for Android apk, Python for Android tutorial

    >> Also to save a Python program on QPython, you tap on the Editor in the main menu interface and then tap the save button like the image below and then save in the location of your choice.
    Python interpreter for Android apk

    Python for Android apk

    >> To run the Python program, just tap on the play button like the image below
    download Python for Android

    For further features, check out the documentations at their official website


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