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January 22, 2018

How To Compile FORTRAN Program On Android

"Smartphone is the greatest gift of technology"

Have you ever wondered what else you could do with your smartphone rather than playing games? Yeah! You can write and compile programs like java, python, C, C++, FORTRAN e.t.c. With that Android phone on your hands, you can compile programs. You know what, you do not have to access you computer everytime you want to practice any programming.

After filling out my course form for this semester, I found CSC 201 (Introduction to Computer Programming) waiting for me with a gift of FORTRAN. As an Information Technologist, I thought within myself "What if I could use my Android phone to compile FORTRAN". Then research began. So In this post I will be showing you how I compile FORTRAN programs on my Android phone. Believe me, this tutorial is basically meant for 200L Undergraduate expecially those in The Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA).


FORTRAN is a programming language mainly used by scientific community. As the name implies, FORTRAN stands for FORmula TRANslator. Its aim is to provide a way to tell computers to calculate complicated mathematical expressions, with more ease than assembly language. FORTRAN was originally developed by IBM in the year 1957 for scientific and engineering purpose. Over the years, successive versions of FORTRAN have added to strengthen the programming language and broaden its support e.g. FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN 90, FORTRAN 95, FORTRAN 2003 and FORTRAN 2008. They all have different file format like .f77, .f90, .f95, .f03, .f08, .f15 based on introduced year.

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How To Compile And Run FORTRAN On Your Android Phone

In order to compile FORTRAN on Android Phone, we will be using an Android App with the name CCTOOLS. CCTOOLS is a multi-compiler app for android with support for languages like Java, C, C++ and FORTRAN. But in the post, we'll be focusing on FORTRAN

Setting Up The Compiler

1. The very first thing to do is installation of CCTools. To do this, navigate to Google Play Store and search for the term "CCTools" or use this direct link and tap on the install button

2. Open the installed CCTools tap on the option key, a drop-down list will be displayed. Now tap on Add-ons and make sure your internet connection is available because we want to install FORTRAN add-on

3. Now search for Fortran in the search box and tap on build essential Fortran to install a basic FORTRAN add-on. You can also install other option

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Compiling Your FORTRAN Programs On Android

1. Open the CCTools App with a FORTRAN add-on installed on it. The interface will be with New file tag. Tap on the option key > save and type a name with FORTRAN file format to make it clear to CCTools its a FORTRAN program e.g hello.f95

2. Now write a program you wish to compile and save it.

3. To run your compiled FORTRAN programs. Open the file> tap on option button > then run. It should now run if the program is not having any bug.

That's it. Please drop your comments below

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